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I’m Lian Angelino  and I am passionate about helping women move through their career and daily life with more ease and meaning.

As a career coach, I help women who feel overwhelmed and stuck at a crossroads in their careers to crave clarity on the next steps in their career.

Besides coaching, I love to philosophize and write about being human in a world that is all about doing. 

You can find bits of writings on Instagram and LinkedIn, where I share share tips and content to normalize human experiences and encourage self-reflection.


In a culture of doing more and being more, simply being at ease with who you already are, is not always easy

Less fixing, more accepting

I believe that our world can use a little less fixing and more accepting. Unfortunately, in a culture of doing more and being more, simply being at ease with who you already are, is not always easy.

Through my coaching and writing I share tips and content to help you shift that focus from ‘becoming someone you are not to ‘being at ease with who you  are’.

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Lian as a Career Coach

In my role as coach you can expect me to be a space holder for your story and experiences, so that you can explore your story with curiosity and without judgement.

My aim is to help you feel empowered to make choices that light you up so you can live your life on your own terms.

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Cultivate the courage to choose make choices that light you up

Work with me

Online career coaching

Via Zoom

Online career coaching includes:

  • Monthly online coaching sessions, held via zoom.

  • Contact via email in-between session if you have questions that come up as you take next steps.

    Click the button below to apply for a free discovery call.

    One-time Career consult

    Via Zoom

    A one-time career consult includes:

    • 1-on-1 conversation
    • Consultation from 60-90  minutes
    • Recording of the consult

    1. Pick a Date

    You Schedule a Discovery Call with me on a date and time convenient for you

    2. Meet via Zoom

    We meet via Zoom and talk about your career challenge(s)

    3. Personalized advice

    Based on our conversation, I give you personalized advice about your next step

    Education and Certifications

    • MSc Communication, Health and Life Sciences

    • Msc courses in Work Psychology and Human Resources

    • Certified Leadership Development Coach

    • Certified Health Coach

    • BSc Mental Health Sciences


    Currently Reading

    Think Again – Adam Grant

    The Likeability Trap – Alicia Menendez

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