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Hi! I am Lian Angelino

I help women in their 20’s and 30’s who feel overwhelmed and stuck at a crossroads in their careers to crave clarity on their next steps, so that they can build a career they love.

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The traditional path for a career is to graduate,  get a job, be grateful for it, stick with it.

But what do you do if this path is not the path that fulfills you?

Often times we know when something needs to change, but we procastinate making the change because we feel foggy and overwhelmed on what that might look like or where to start.

If that is you, it may be time to pair up with a strategic thought-partner who can help strengthen your self-awareness, your confidence, and get clarity on next steps.

With online 1:1 coaching I help you to create a career roadmap that is uniquely yours, so that you can start building a career you love.

Together we  dig up and (re)discover your strengths, passions and interests.

career coach for women

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